Covid-19 has advanced social trends by 10 years

exposing these trends:


  • Americans overwhelmingly agree that PPE manufacturing should return to the US

  • Anti China sentiment is at an all time high

  • Future US Trade policies will seek to solve the current trade imbalance

  • US Consumers are acutely aware of the quality concerns with PPE products made outside of the US

  • US Lawmakers on Capitol Hill seek to incentivize US manufacturing 

We join the puzzle pieces: 


Government Contracts

Local & Regional Incentives

Legislative Arena

Vital Relationships

Our Story

Reshoring PPE 

"Made in America"

Glove USA understands the vital need to bring critical manufacturing back to the shores of the United States.

America is dangerously reliant on foreign manufacturing of critical PPE supplies.


Our TEAM is poised to connect the

puzzle pieces 

in order to insure the health and safety of our citizens.

 Join Us 

We're looking for partners - visionary companies that are ready to profit from this immense opportunity.

Seize a significant share of the US PPE marketplace.

A JOINT VENTURE with GLOVE USA INC will ensure private health and safety and a decade of growth.

Who We Are

We are a solutions organization featuring the resolve to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, which has disrupted society and threatened to undermine US national security.


We develop, distribute and support  “Made in America” PPE and touchless tech at scale with a vision to empower people to safely and efficiently focus on living out their lives. 

What We Do

We founded Glove USA to do three things:

1.Build and develop best in class portfolio of products and next gen tech at scale

2.Market and distribute to government, hospitals, schools and businesses as leaders in customer service and ethics

3.Unify people through relationships and economic development.

Why We Exist

Glove USA, Inc. began in response to the weaknesses in the US domestic industrial base to provide adequate support to public health emergencies. 


We then embarked on designing a solution that would collaborate with the brightest minds and best organizations to restore, expand and provide resiliency to our national domestic response and recovery and provide an updated economic model for future global expansion.

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We Believe
A Joint Venture with American Resolve



Pivoting: Asia as the manufacturer of the world to Asia being the market of the world.

- Free up capacity in Asia to meet rising local demand by near-shoring North American volume.

- JV with Glove USA to create North American manufacturing and distribution presence

* Now that the US has banned all gloves from world leader TOP GLOVE for egregious child labor violations, there is a huge opportunity to fill the void in the global marketplace.

That only quality products and services and business practices are sustainable which will enhance our long-term national interests and place in the global marketplace.

Established to create a North American manufacturing and distribution presence.

- Leverage Glove USA network and lock-in lucrative US Government contracts.

- Meet demand for new North American commercial markets.

- Be on the forefront of redefining what “Made in America” means

Brainstorming with Mask


American's have been introduced to two new terms created during the Covid19 Pandemic.


Inshoring and Reshoring 

  • Reshoring is a term which seeks to define the current strategy employed to bring critical manufacturing back to the United States. These are critical supplies in short supply that threaten the national security of the US.

  • Inshoring will utilize Joint Venture opportunities to partner with international companies that seek to garner US business by building manufacturing capability here in the US.

Covid 19