The Solution

Bring critical manufacturing back to the US

Industrial Smoke

US Manufacturing in 1950 55% GDP

Manufacturing in 2020 8% GDP

•Weaknesses in the US domestic industrial base to provide adequate support to public health emergencies through access to touch-less PPE solutions;

Industrial Printing

Incentives forced Firms Abroad

•Decades of business incentives that encouraged exporting manufacturing abroad. Attractive financial incentives were created, which led to an exodus of firms from traditional manufacturing centers in the United States;

Business Meeting Discussion

Global Imbalances

•Channels of unsophisticated buyers and confusion from inconsistent quality of products, ethics and ancillary services;

•Global supply and demand imbalances;

global demand

Global Demand for quality nitrile gloves is at an all time high creating worldwide shortages.

Glove USA has the Solution – US Federal contracts with first right of refusal with no production ceiling, assuring a long-term customer relationship.


Availability of products to inshore US supplies meeting US requirements is in great demand. 

Glove USA's Solution - There is a very strong preference by US Department of Defense to purchase all production.  In a declaration of emergency (such as the COVID19 pandemic), the US Department of Defense will purchase ALL production.


GLOVE USA Solution - Freedom to sell to the open market.  Strong network of government, hospital, schools and businesses. Minority set-aside concerns to garner CBD contracts.


GLOVE USA Solution – Glove USA Joint Venture

creating a relationship which will redefine “Made in America” and seize 50% of the US market.